10 Most Wanted Recommendations for Information System Security Certification, Professionals Must Know!

As information technology continues to develop, information systems have now become a necessity for various companies to compete in the modern business world. In line with the rapidly growing market demand, the competition is becoming increasingly stringent.

With such a situation, it is very necessary someone who has good competence to prevent criminal acts in cyberspace or cyber crime . Information system security certification is urgently needed to help overcome the problem of information or data leakage. For this reason, we will provide 10 recommendations for trusted information system security certification.

List of Information System Security Certification

Without going into detail, please be bizzie, see the following list of information system security certifications;

1. CISA (Certified Information Systems Auditor)

This is the first information system security certification recommendation that has received international recognition in dealing with audit, control and information system security. The CISA certificate holder received an award as a high quality and competent information system auditor. For more complete information regarding CISA certification, please visit the website here (CISA).

2. CISSP (Certified Information System Security Professional)

As the name suggests, this one information system security certification requires an expert or with at least 3 years experience in the field of information security. The reason is, with high professionalism, a prospective holder of this certificate needs to be clean of any criminal record.

3. CEH (Certified Ethical Hacker)

This information system security certification named CEH is more inclined towards computer network systems.¬†If bizzie already has a CEH certificate, bizzie’s next task is to examine the computer network system of an organization, and look for its weaknesses like a professional¬†hacker¬†.¬†For complete information, please visit the official website (CEH).

4. CISM (Certified Information Security Manager)

One level above CISA, CISM information system security certification is more appropriate to be taken by Information System Managers or those who focus on working in the world of information security management. This information system security certification is macro in nature and focuses more on information risk management . For more information, please visit the official website (CISM).

5. Systems Security Certified Practitioner (SSCP)

Having an SSCP certificate will show bizzie’s ability to be able to design, implement, and monitor the security of IT infrastructure.¬†SSCP is very suitable for IT administrators and network security professionals.¬†In addition, the SSCP certificate is also suitable for several professions as follows:

  • Network Security Engineer.
  • System administrator.
  • Security Analyst.
  • System Technician.
  • Security Consultant or Specialist.
  • Security Administrator.
  • System or Network Analyst.
  • Administrator Basis Data.


OSCP from Offensive Security is also one of the information system security certifications most sought after by penetration testers . This certification will provide training regarding the ability to perform penetration testing bizzie . Bizzie will also be given an understanding of how to create a detailed penetration testing report for each incoming attack. OSCP is perfect for penetration testers , ethical hackers , threat researchers, and application security analysts.

7. CompTIA Security +

The CompTIA Security + information system security certification covers the concepts of communication security, infrastructure, cryptography, and information security in general. Therefore, the holder of this certificate has been equipped with an understanding of the concepts of information security.

8. SCNS (Security Certified Network Specialist)

Next, the SCNS information system security certification focuses more on the defensive security of computer information. Thus, the holder of this information system security certification is more focused on network perimeter security technologies ranging from firewalls, security routers , to intrusion detection . For complete information, please visit the SCNS official website.

9. CND (Certified Network Defender)

Next, the EC-Council certification body has also launched an information system security certification called CND (Certified Network Defender). The launch of this information system security certification is based on a focus on cyber defense that is much deeper than before.

Companies are now more and more aware that¬†cyber¬†breaches can have a huge financial impact, as well as damage a company’s reputation.¬†In fact, even though these protection efforts have been made, there are still many companies that are still victims of¬†cyber¬†breaches .

That is why a company must have a network engineer who is trained and focused on protecting, detecting, and responding to threats on their network as a defense method. By following the CND information system security certification, bizzie will gain a detailed understanding and have capabilities that bizzie can use in real life involving defense networks. Furthermore, bizzie can also gain the necessary technical depth to actively design secure networks within the bizzie organization.

10. CIW (Certified Internet Web)

Finally, CIW is an information system security certification that is more needed for e-business actors . CIW certificate holders will be able to implement e-business solutions, complete with quality-assured security. In addition, if bizzie has this information system security certification, bizzie can also identify security threats and develop antidote systems. For complete information about this CIW certification, you can see bizzie on the CIW official website.

These are the recommendations for the 10 most sought-after information system security certifications in Indonesia. Hopefully the information that has been presented can be useful for all of us. We end up here first the discussion about information system security certification. Look forward to our next interesting articles!