Top 5 Online Training Programs for Power BI in 2023

You’ve come to the perfect place if you want to learn Microsoft Power BI and become a data analyst, data scientist, or if you already work in data analytics and data visualization.

I’ve already shared the finest online courses for learning Tableau, QlikView, D3.js, and Excel. Today, I’ll share the top courses for learning Microsoft Power BI, another elite data visualization application.

If you’re interested in data visualization and analysis, you may have heard of Microsoft Power BI, a robust data visualization application that runs in the cloud and is swiftly gaining popularity among business analysts and other technical data workers.

Power BI is a product provided by the Microsoft Corporation that allows you to develop amazing reports and dashboards and various sorts of visualizations utilizing your data in order to gain insight into your business and make the best decision.

It’s up to you how you want to use Microsoft Power BI; you may use it on your desktop, in the cloud, or even on a mobile device as an app.

As a data visualization engineer, being able to use Power BI is more than a plus because it allows you to produce extremely complex visualizations in a short amount of time by simply pressing a few buttons.

This ability is highly sought after in almost every company because it enables them to make the best decisions and expand their businesses.

You may find various courses in this blog post that, in my opinion, will help you grasp this application and advance both your knowledge and professional standing in data visualization.

the top 5 online courses to learn Microsoft Power BI

Here is a list of the top online training programs available this year to study Microsoft Power BI for Data Analysis, Data Analytics, and Data Visualization.

These are the top online programs, developed by professionals and helpful for both new and seasoned programmers. You may do the same as the thousands of developers who have already enrolled in these online courses to study Power BI and improve their Data Visualization abilities.

1. Microsoft Power BI: An Exhaustive Overview [Best course on Udemy]

This course will teach you about all of the Power BI editions, including the desktop, cloud, mobile, and premium editions. Prior to gaining knowledge and familiarity with this program and starting your own projects, you will start from scratch.

Start with the simplest Power BI desktop version before going to the cloud version, where you’ll learn more sophisticated approaches and how to create custom graphics using programming, before learning how to utilize this tool on mobile.

This course will teach you how to use different Power BI editions.

• Create your own images.

• Use a mobile device to access your dashboard.

Maximillian Schwarzmuller of AcadMind, one of my favorite Udemy instructors and the creator of the best React.js course on the platform (React Complete Guide), published this course. The value of Max’s courses is greater than their cost because of his exceptional teaching methods and course materials.

2. Power BI A-Z: Practical Training in Power BI for Data Science! [Udemy]

The majority of data scientists use computer languages like Python or R to visualize their data and derive insights from it, but they can also use the tool Power Bi, which is the focus of this session.

You will learn how to utilize Power BI to build various sorts of graphs, plots, and charts that you can use for data mining or robust business intelligence reports and by utilizing actual data from actual companies.

This course will teach you

• How to use Power BI.
• Produce various visuals.
• Produce reports for business insight.

This course was developed by Kirill Eremenko and his SuperDataScience team, who have previously produced some of Udemy’s most remarkable courses on data science, machine learning, and artificial intelligence. Hands-On Python & R in Data Science is a great place to start with machine learning.

3. Pluralsight’s “Getting Started with Power BI” course

This Pluralsight Power BI course is designed for a beginner who wants to understand this useful tool, improve their data analysis, and develop more potent reports in order to gain more insight from their data and make better business decisions.

This course will teach you

• How to use Excel 2016

• How to make a visualization.

• Develop your data visualization abilities.

Starting with how to gather and clean your data, this course will show you how to use it in Power BI, build visualizations, and improve your results, among other things.

By the way, to enroll in this course, you would need a Pluralsight subscription, which is about $29 per month or $299 annually (14% off).

All programmers should definitely consider this membership as it offers immediate access to more than 7000+ online courses to acquire any IT skill. As an alternative, you can watch this course for FREE with their 10-day trial.

4. Up & Running With Power BI Desktop from Microsoft [Udemy]

If you already know how to visualize data using a programming language or if you grasp its fundamentals but want to learn some tools to make it simpler for you, you should check out this beginning course on Udemy.

This Power BI training course online will demonstrate how to utilize Power BI to produce effective and interesting reporting, how to augment this visualization with captivating reports, and how to make it interactive for users.

This course will teach you:

• An introduction to Power BI.
• Reporting and visualization creation techniques.
• How to improve your outcomes.
• Finish two large-scale guided projects.

More than 74,500 students have confidence in the training that Chris Dutton and Aaron Parry of Maven Analytics produced. Additionally, it is among the best-rated Microsoft BI courses on Udemy, receiving an average rating of 4.6 from more than 19400 students.

5. Power BI Desktop: Getting Started [Coursera]

By enrolling in this project-based course on Coursera, you may gain an understanding of the fundamentals of the Power BI tool.

This is a guided project that will arm you with the skills necessary to master this fantastic visualization tool instead of relying on Excel or PowerPoint.

This course will teach you:

• An overview of Power BI Desktop.
• Posting your creations to Power BI.
• Examining data from Power BI Desktop’s Credit Card Default section.

You will also see an introduction to the tool’s components and how to utilize them, including how to navigate with Power BI, share your works, design, and how to do well by data and Power BI reporting.

By the way, there are two ways to enroll in this course. You can either enroll in the specialization-only version for around $39 per month, or you can enroll in Coursera Plus for $59 per month, which gives you unlimited access to Coursera’s most popular courses, specialization, professional certificate, and guided projects.

That’s all there is to say about the top Microsoft BI for Beginners online training courses. You can enroll in any of these courses to learn Microsoft BI, one of the most essential tools for data scientists, data analysts, and anybody who wants to make data-driven decisions, and to become an expert in data visualization.

You must study Power BI since data visualization is essential to many sciences, like machine learning and data science, in order to comprehend data, get insight, or help businesses make wise judgments.

We appreciate you reading thus far. Please share these top Microsoft Power BI courses for Data Visualization and Analysis with your friends and coworkers if you find them useful. Please send us a letter if you have any inquiries or suggestions.