7 Recommended Online Certifications to Upgrade Your Career

There are many advantages to be gained if employees have professional certification. For example, to get a promotion or even a raise.

Professional certification can prove that the employee has the skills needed by the industry.

For job seekers this one thing is also very important to attract recruiters and get a dream job.

The reason is, by having a professional certification, the skills possessed can be validated easily.

Want to know more about the importance of professional certification and how to get it? Come on, read the summary that mudabicara.com has prepared below.

The Importance of Professional Certification

Not only can it help us in pursuing high positions, professional certification can also provide other benefits, you know.

Reporting from Robert Half , here are some of the benefits we can get if we have professional certification:

1. Increase productivity

Employees who have professional certification seem to be more productive because they have mastered the skills needed for work.

In addition, the way they work is more efficient because they have prepared themselves as well as possible in facing all the challenges of work.

2. More professional when working

Employees who have received professional certification must always work according to predetermined standards.

This makes them always work professionally to get quality work.

How to Get Professional Certification

If you are interested in getting professional certification, of course you have to know how to get it.

Actually there are ways that can be done to get professional certification, namely by participating in certification programs offline or face to face in class.

However, according to Job Tradition, participating in a certification program can take a lot of time and money, so you must prepare well.

Well, don’t worry if you don’t have much time. The reason is, now there are many online certification programs that are more efficient and flexible that you can try to join, you know 

Here are some recommendations:

1. HubSpot Academy Inbound Marketing Certification

Interested in exploring marketing ? Maybe you can try this one inbound marketing certification program .

At HubSpot Academy Inbound Marketing Course you can learn many things that are needed in the field of inbound marketing .

For example, how to develop a growth strategy for a company, how to get quality leads , to develop the right promotions through social media.

2. HubSpot Academy Content Marketing Certification

HubSpot also has other programs specifically offered for those of you who are interested in the world of content marketing .

The HubSpot Academy Content Marketing Course offers professional certification in content marketing specifically for those of you who are serious about exploring the use of content in marketing.

Some of the topics offered include how to do good storytelling , create content ideas, plan content strategies, to promote content effectively.

3. Google Analytics Academy

For those of you who are interested in exploring digital marketing , the classes offered by Google Analytics Academy are definitely very interesting to take part in.

Google Analytics is a very important tool to master if you want your digital marketing campaign to be successful.

Here there are 6 types of training offered and each can be studied for free.

Some of these trainings include Google Analytics for Beginners, Advanced Google Analytics, Google Analytics for Power Users, Getting Started With Google Analytics 360, Introduction to Data Studio, and Google Tag Manager Fundamentals.

Apart from that, Google also offers Google Partner Certification for those of you who are interested in exploring the types of Google Ads products, from search advertising to shopping advertising .

This professional certification from Google will certainly add to your sales value as a digital marketer !

4. Alison Project Management Diploma

Project management is a useful skill in many industries, regardless of the job you’re in.

The Alison Project Management Diploma has a total of 28 modules, 93 topics and 6-10 hours of study time.

This certification is offered free of charge and will cover the ins and outs of project management , from introductions to in-depth case studies.

5. Alison Color Theory Certification

If you plan to dive into the world of design without having to go through formal channels, try taking this certification about color theory from Alison Color Theory Certification .

This professional certification is suitable for photographers, graphic designers , artists, and anyone working in visual art who wants to gain knowledge about color perception and concepts.

6. General Assembly Dash

This training from General Assembly Dash covers the basics of coding and the basics of web development.

Currently, coding is one of the most popular skills needed in the digital era. So, if you are interested in exploring it, then you can learn it here.

7. The Academy WordPress Courses

WordPress is a platform that is quite popular and favored by developers because of its ease of customization.

This platform has a WordPress Academy program that you can join if you are interested in getting to know WordPress more.

There are several types of training that you can choose from, for example WordPress Development for Beginners, WordPress Development for Intermediate Users, to Advanced WordPress Development.

Those are some recommendations for professional certification that you can follow online . Glints hopes that the information above can help you determine the certification you want to take.