Top 3 Universities and Student Attractions in Sydney

Who are the Hunters here who have dreams of going to college, working or living in Sydney, Australia? If you are one of them, let’s find out more about the city of Sydney from history, culture, environment, tourist attractions and recommendations for the best universities in Sydney that have been put together by Schoters especially for you!

Sydney history  

Sydney’s history begins in prehistoric times when it was inhabited by Australian Aborigines. It is thought that his ancestors arrived in Australia between 15,000 and 45,000 years ago. Meanwhile, the modern history of the city of Sydney begins with the arrival of the First British Fleet in 1788 and the project of establishing a British penal colony. Then in 1901, Sydney became the state capital and New South Wales voted to join the Australian Federation.¬†

Sydney gets its name from Lord Sydney, British Home Secretary when the First Fleet and Captain Arthur Phillip arrived in January 1788. The town is described by Sydney Cove as “the best harbor in the world” where “most a thousand sails can sail in great safety.” ” based on a letter from Captain Arthur Phillip.¬†

Sydney is currently the largest city in Australia and an important international cultural and financial centre. Immigration and the location of the city of Sydney have also transformed this city into a place rich in ethnicity and 180 nationality. Even the city of Sydney has hosted many international events, including the 2000 Summer Olympics. 

Culture and Social Conditions in Sydney  

The city of Sydney is home to many people with different ethnicities, languages ‚Äč‚Äčand cultures. The city of Sydney also tends to have speakers of languages ‚Äč‚Äčother than English such as 13.3% Mandarin, 11.3% Arabic, 8.1% Vietnamese, 4.4% Greek, 3.7% Indian, 3.6% Italian, 3.4% Korean, 3.3% Spanish and others.

Apart from the diversity of cultures, languages ‚Äč‚Äčand experiences that you can get above, there are several other things that you can consider.

1. Stability and Crime Rate

The city of Sydney is a stable city with a low crime rate. Although currently Australia has a soaring crime rate. Sydney is still safe to live in.

2. Health Facilities

Sydney has excellent health facilities. Starting from the choice of government and private hospitals, access to medicines and a very well-organized health system.

3. Infrastructure

Public transportation facilities and public places in the city of Sydney are very good. Some public facilities that you can enjoy every day are public transportation such as trains, buses, ships, planes and access to quite a lot of green spaces.

In addition, the availability of energy and clean water in the city of Sydney is also one of the best in the world. Not only that, several supporting facilities such as restaurants, shopping areas, and cultural festivals are very capable.

4. Education

Almost the same as the quality of health, Sydney also has access, choice and good quality from all levels. Starting from the children’s school preparation classes to world-class universities.¬†

5. Culture and Environment

The city of Sydney gets a score of 94.5% as a city with cultural similarities and balance. Sydney also has beautiful nature with lots of beaches, meadows and so on. Sydney also has many arts centers such as the Sydney Opera House, the Sydney Theater Company and the Art Gallery of NSW. 

Also not to forget, a variety of food choices. Especially at night. Starting from Chinatown, you can find Italian food and Australian specialties easily.

Work Environment in Sydney, Australia

Apart from some of the beauty of the city of Sydney above, Australian people are quite relaxed and want to make sure that everything is kept simple. But there is an unwritten rule not to talk about politics and religion in the workplace because it could offend someone. So work hard and play hard huh!

3 Famous Tourist Attractions in Sydney

For those of you who want to continue your studies or work in Sydney, there are 3 tourist attractions that you shouldn’t miss. Here Schoters summarizes it for you!

1. Sydney Olympic Park

Sydney Olympic Park is known for its free and easy-to-access tourist attractions. Sydney Olympic Park is also a suitable place for family or hanging out with your friends.

2. Byron Bay

Not far from Sydney, Byron Bay beach is another place you must visit. Especially when you want to take a vacation with satisfaction but only have a short weekend. 

3. Waterfall Way

Waterfall “Waterfall Way” is one of the favorite tourist attractions in the northern part of New South Wales. In this place you can also find other waterfalls such as “Dangar Falls” whose water flows from the Biel Down River.

Apart from the tourist attractions above, Sydney also provides some of the best universities for international students. Here’s the info!

Top 3 Universities in Sydney According to QS World University Rankings 2023

Sydney is one of the cities in Australia with world quality and facilities. Here is some brief information about the 3 best universities in Sydney according to the 2023 QS World University Rankings!

1. The University of Sydney

In the first place there is The University of Sydney which occupies the 41st position in the world. Some of the study options here are arts and social sciences, architecture, design and planning, business, education and social work, engineering and computer science, law, medicine and health, music and science. 

The University of Sydney also offers several scholarships for Indonesian students such as the Vice Chancellor’s International Scholarships Scheme, the Australia Awards Scholarship, and the Sydney International Student Award (Indonesia).

2. The University of New South Wales

This campus is located in Sydney, Kensington and is part of the “Group of Eight” – Australia. Ranked 45th in the world, UNSW offers several major options such as Natural and Physical Sciences, Information technology, Engineering and Related Technologies, Architecture and Building, Environmental and Related Studies, Health, Education, Business and Management, Humanities and Law, and Creative Arts.¬†

The University of New South Wales also offers several scholarships for Indonesian students such as the International Scientia Coursework Scholarship, Australia’s Global Award, UNSW Global Academic Award, and Australia Awards Scholarship.

3. University of Technology Sydney

Known for its fields of study in health and infrastructure, the University of Technology Sydney is ranked 137th in the world according to the QS World Ranking University. Several choices of fields of study include Library and Information Management, Computer Science and Information Systems, Engineering, Electrical and Electronic, Civil and Structural, Minerals and Mining, Nursing, Art and Design, Architecture and Built Environment, Law, Accounting and Finance, Communications and Media Studies, and Sports Рrelated subjects. 

University of Technology Sydney also offers several scholarships for Indonesian students such as the Information Technology International Undergraduate Excellence Scholarship, UTS College to UTS Pathway Scholarship РIndonesia, and UTS Diploma to Degree Scholarship for High School Graduates.